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Malombe plans to curb revenue losses by automating collection system

 Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe has revealed plans to curb revenue losses as it lays plans to increase own source revenue generation.

 Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe addresses the media on November 10 after a meeting with the Commission on Revenue Allocation officials led by Chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai. /Courtesy

The governor said that his administration will fully automate the county revenue collection system to realize increased revenue.  This will also seal loopholes which cause revenue haemorrhage.

Dr Malombe said that monies collected from county infrastructure like hospitals should not end up in people’s pockets but to the county revenue pool.

“Currently, our revenue collections are low and we need to do something radical to enhance our revenue because we have a huge potential.”, said the Kitui county boss. He was speaking after a closed-door meeting with officials from the Commission on Revenue Allocation led by their chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai.

CRA is preparing the third policy on identifying marginalized areas in the country.

Dr Kiringai said the commission has in the process identified new marginalized areas among them 50 sub locations in Kitui County which were not previously earmarked to benefit from the equalization fund allocation.


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