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How to successfully “return” to WhatsApp after leaving

For some reasons, our phones encounter technical challenges that crash essential apps that our lives revolve around such as WhatsApp.

 A WhatsApp user./Courtesy

The purpose of this story is to tell readers that all is not lost once WhatsApp does not work.

One way of starting the journey to technological recovery is by restarting your phone. This will make the operating system be reconfigured including for smoothening social media programme’s working.

If the problem still persists, consider uninstalling the app. Once it is removed from your phone, go to Google Play Store and reinstall it again. Make sure you retain earlier settings to help you return.  

Once the app is successfully installed, you will “return” to your earlier apps where you have membership status. However, you will not have access to earlier conversations in the groups listed.

On the group settings, you will receive a notification saying, “You were added”.

The advantage of not lefting groups before uninstalling Whastapp is because admins will be reluctant to add you back. Some of the founding admins may have left the said groups or others just stake their heads and say, “good bye. Good riddance”.


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