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The ‘noise’ by Meru MCAs is distracting Governor Mwangaza

It's the last Friday of October, the month of real and imagined holidays. However, this post is not about holidays. It's about the Meru County governor's looming impeachment.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza./Courtesy

History has a way of repeating itself and 'undeserving' members of the society are always punished when they get what 'they don't deserve'.

In Meru, during a by-election of 1975, Annrita Karimi won to become the MP for Meru Central constituency. Having beaten the then heavyweights, her stay in office was shorter than that of UK's Lizz Truss.

The heavyweights ganged up and fixed her in a corruption scandal.

Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza is facing impeachment due to her alleged misconduct and arrogance according to the ward representatives.

Heavy political giants allegedly are behind the impeachment. In the last polls, Kawira trounced UDA candidate, Mithika Linturi, now CS for Agriculture and Governor Kiraitu Murungi.

UDA mandarins, according to pundits, are sponsoring the brawl banking on the governor's pride and threats of messy and noisy face off.

The noise from that county office cannot allow us to enjoy the guitar being played there and the governor isn't entertained.

Methinks Kawira Mwangaza will be impeached and a malleable governor takes over. All indications since the Mombasa incident are clear.

The governor should not think the once arrogant Charity Ngilu trick on MCAs will save her. Meru tornado is stronger than that of dry Kitui county. Sayonara!!!


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