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The Fury of Unemployed Youths in Kenya

A large number of Kenyan youths can narrate this same story. A story of unemployment. A crisis than runs from the cities down to the remote villages. Every unemployed youth is always struggling to get first-hand information on jobs openings. Others even choose not to share with their friends because they are afraid, friends may stand a better chance to get the job than them. And who is to blame? 

Many Kenyan youths are jobless despite having high levels of education./Courtesy

Millions of Kenyans are in this bracket. This has made some to ‘self-employ’ themselves in gangs. In the heart of Nairobi, you will find it rough when you land in hands of these young men. They will do anything just to survive. Some are conmen, others are armed robbers and even mere thieves who will snatch your phone or purse and disappear in crowds.

Conmen and fraudster take advantage of desperate souls who are tired of job searching and lure them into trap. They will tell you they work in certain companies and they will start hiring in a week’s time. So, they want you to secure a slot at a ‘small’ fee. If you fall for it and pay, they disappear never to call again. If they don’t disappear, they will keep telling you they can organize with the manager or so and you can get a better placement. You, thinking it’s a good deal, will start borrowing money with hopes of paying back when you get employed. Its over for you.

So many unhealthy businesses are happening around in the name of survival. A lot of university girls who always want to ‘slay’ and have that luxurious life end up in regrets after they get their sponsors from those lavish estates. He will pick you, on Friday after classes, in a V8 and switch on the air conditioner for you, take you to his mansion. Feeling like a queen, you will do anything your ‘king’ commands and the rest of story you will narrate it empowering fellow single mothers.

Boys have lost so much money in gambling. Just a few combinations, you get an odd of 100 plus. Even before you stake you are already planning for the possible payout. Betting companies are making millions from unemployed citizens. They place a jackpot of good money to raise the heat in young men who really dream of having nice homes and driving big machines. Anyone who would wish to have a million dollars in their account. These betting companies are already making jobless Kenyans more broke.

Poor leadership

The number one cause for all this is poor leadership. Corrupt leaders pocket millions of monies designated for youth empowerment. During campaigns, politicians promise to do everything the other politicians have not done. After they are elected in, they just ‘eat’ like their predecessors. Government leaders loot country funds and they hold press conferences to announce that the country does not have enough money for development so they obtain loans from China and other developed countries.

Nonetheless, they are proud to mention their net worth on national televisions- disturbing figures in front of suffering citizens. It’s a shame. Members of parliament are telling youths to self-employ themselves. A 60-year-old MP could not employ himself now telling a 20-year-old to employ themselves. It doesn’t make sense.

Offices are full of aged workers who have been working there since their twenties. Fresh graduates with advanced tech skills are out here tarmacking while old grandpas who cannot even know how to use a smart phone sit in offices. These kids are always knocking on office doors only to be told we are not hiring, or we need applicants with 10 to 15 years of experience. Where are they going to get the experience while they need work to get experience?

Kenya produces approximately 30,000 graduates from various institutions each year. Only hundreds of these get employed, and these hundreds have their fathers or uncles in places of work- in the name of ‘connection’. The unfortunate and unlucky 99 per cent remain in streets submitting their CVs which end in shredders.

Leaders should open their eyes and notice the ship is sinking. China now penalizing Kenya for debt default. Money that went into some peoples’ businesses and accounts now will haunt even an unborn baby. The Judiciary should take a stern action on corrupt leaders. Extended jail terms with no fine so they can rot in jail for the suffering they inflict on innocent Kenyans. No matter their age, any corrupt leader or anyone blocking the youths’ way to make money should be jailed. Invest in youth. That is the county’s future. A 70-year-old granny will not lift a spanner to fasten the bolts of a leaking flood gate.


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