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Poor distribution of rainfall expected in Kitui County

 With Kitui County having had four failed rains seasons, the current one seems to dash hopes of residents.

October-November-December (OND) 2022 seasonal weather forecast for Kitui County. MWINGI TIMES/KMD

Most parts of the county are battling water shortage for both humans and livestock.  Residents walk for long distance to fetch water too. 

The vast county now spots bare land which was covered with vegetation but owing to lack of rainfall, grass and other vegetation edible to livestock are hard to find.

Kenya Meteorological Department paints a depressed rains season forecast for this season.

The Climate Outlook for the October-November-December (OND) "Short Rains" season indicates that most parts of Kitui County are likely to experience depressed rainfall.

The season is expected to have a delayed onset (8th-21st November 2022) and early cessation (18th-31st December 2022).

"The distribution is expected to be poor over time and space", says Kitui County Meteorological Director Daniel Mbithi. He adds that high temperature experienced in the county points to a drier than usual OND season.


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