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MCA: Peace and tranquillity shall return to invaded Kitui Wards

Kitui MCAs were united in passing the first motion of the third county assembly. The motion was on curbing insecurity caused by camel herders at Mutha Ward and other wards along the vast border.

A police officer controls some of Camels that had invaded Kitui South. Endau/Malalani MCA Dr Erastus Musyoka Mbuno has expressed confidence that normalcy will return in the wards affected by camel invasion such as Mutha./ Courtesy

In less than two months, two people were reported to have been killed during the invasion of North Eastern region camel herders. Residents accused them of invading their farms without seeking permission and destroying their crops.

Kitui South MP Dr Rachel Nyamai put the number of the residents who died over camel herders’ invasion to be 40. She described the problem has having taken too long to resolve.

Deputy Majority Leader Dr Erastus Musyoka Mbuno thanked his colleagues for overwhelming support given to the motion geared to bring peace and tranquillity in the wards neighbouring the pastoral counties.

The Endau/Malalani MCA expressed confidence that the passing of the motion will bring both short term and long-term solutions to perennial problem of banditry. “This motion in nutshell, provided both short term interventions such as forceful eviction of camel herders from affected zones, through creation of emergency fund to provide among others food, water and temporary shelter to the members affected by bandits attacks to creation of cutline and buffer zone across the following wards namely Kanziko, Mutha, Voo/Kyamatu, Endau/Malalani, Nuu, Nguni, Ngomeni and Tseikuru, said” Dr Mbuno.

Mbuno thanked the Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya for leading the assembly. He observed that the passing of the motion was done “within the shortest time possible” showing the county legislators commitment and resolve in serving Kituians.




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