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I have decided to follow Jesus, leave Benga-Wakuti

Former Katombi band artist Julius Mwendwa Mutiso alias Wakuti has revealed that he is a changed man.  Bro Mutiso said that he has joined Gospel.

Julius Mwendwa Mutiso aka Wakuti has joined Gospel industry. Uka Kwa Yesu is one of his new songs available on his YouTube channel.

MWINGI TIMES checked Mutiso’s Facebook and YouTube accounts and confirmed recently uploaded Gospel songs namely Uka kwa Yesu and Sherehe kwa Yesu.

He was speaking in Mbaitu FM Sunday morning show on September 9.  

The artist said that salvation is a personal decision which he has made. He also expressed optimism that he will not backslide.  “Uthaithi ti Kanisa/ Salvation is not a Church. It is in the believer”, he said.

The man of God went on to assert that he will sing for Jesus even if he does not earn anything from Gospel industry.

His official YouTube channel is called Wakuti Mweene Kibau Boyz  Band.


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