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Drought worsens in Kitui county

 AS drought bites the expansive Kitui County, prices of livestock have fallen. In turn, food prices have risen sharply.

A donkey in a grazing zone at Kathungu village in Mutha Ward, Kitui South. Most parts of Kitui county are experiencing harsh levels of drought. MWINGI TIMES/Musyoka Ngui

The only animal that seems to “survive” drought is goat. MWINGI TIMES visited Tseikuru livestock market on Thursday. Goat prices have relatively remained stable. A medium sized goat costs KSh5000 which is not badly off. But a cow that was retailing at KSh30,000 before drought period now costs between KSh15,000 and KSh10,000.

Sheep prices have also fallen from KSh5000 to KSh3000. A donkey that was costing KSh8000 now retails at KSh3000.

More than 4.2 million Kenyans are facing high levels of food insecurity. Kitui county has not received adequate rains for the last five consecutive seasons.

It is estimated that about 300,000 people in the Governor Malombe-led County will need relief food by December 2022.

On Wednesday, MWINGI TIMES toured Kitui South to get a glimpse of the ravaging drought. Residents narrated how the emaciated donkeys they use to fetch water can no longer carry the precious commodity because they lack strength to withstand carrying jerricans. They walk long distances to fetch water too.


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