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Corruption denying many residents services in Machakos County

A report from the National Government has unearthed suspected cases rampant corruption in Machakos county.

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti. On October 26 she decried rampant sleaze in the county government which she blamed County staff for taking part in. She welcomed the Judiciary in unraveling the blatant misuse of taxpayers' resources as wananchi suffer./Courtesy

The report comes in the face of severe drought that has ravaged the county as well as its neighbours, leaving many residents suffering. Recently the governor Wavinya Ndeti distributed certified seeds to some areas but they were too little for all residents to get.

The governor lamented that some county officials were just concerned about “their own stomachs” not service to the constituents they are employed to work for.

“We have only thieves here while our children are fainting in school without food. You are getting a salary twice, shame on you”, said Governor Wavinya Ndeti.

Majority of the highlighted suspected cases of corruption were in the Human Resources department where an audit taskforce found 14 cases of officials had same national ID number but with different KRA PINs. They were being paid by Machakos County Government.

Two cases of officials with the same ID number but with different payroll numbers were unearthed.

There were also 28 cases of officials with the same payroll number but with different ID numbers.

An officer of Machakos County Government was found to have the same tax pin but with different payroll numbers. “Hawa ni wa kufungwa na kuwekwa kwa jela na wahame na jela. And there is no mercy”, said the first term Wiper party governor.

The Machakos County Government has been paying 14 officers with the same payroll number and different tax pins.

The report further found out that there were eight cases of doubtful arrears payment. 11 cases of multiple arrears payments were also found out, according to the report read by Governor Ndeti.

10 unresolved disciplinary cases which were older than six months were also brought to light.

Five underage persons were receiving payment from Machakos County Government too.

What remains to be seen is how the courts and the investigating agencies will handle the alleged malfeasance in the county.


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