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Calls to drive out camels from Kitui farms increase

A visibly angry Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai called upon the National Government to ensure security of residents of his county. This was over a month ago.

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai addresses the press in an earlier event/Courtesy

The MP revealed that land conflict in the area started a long time ago. He accused Defence CS nominee Aden Duale to be one of those grazing their camels in the county. During his vetting in the National Assembly, Duale admitted that he grazes in the county but did not cite any land encroachment by his camels.

Mbai urged the police to investigate the matter in order for the perpetrators to be taken to court. He said the camels have also been grazing in South Kitui Game Reserve.

Mr Mbai urged the county commissioner of Kitui County to assure residents that camel invasion driven by Somali herders is brought to a stop.

“I reminded Kitui County Commissioner that the officer came to the county to protect the people. The County Commissioner did not come here to sleep.”, he said.

He added that he had a meeting with top security team from the country led by former Internal Security CS Fred Matiang’i. They agreed that the Somali herders were grazing in Kitui county illegally. As such, a cut line was drawn where camels should not cross.

“Why is the County Commissioner allowing the herders to encroach to farms and homes of residents?” asked Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai.

A month ago, a Grade Seven pupil was killed at Kalamba village in Kitui South during the herders’ invasion.

Worst affected areas

Mbai gave the CC an ultimatum which expires today to have the camels driven away from the residents’ farms. Some of the worst affected areas are Inyali, Kalalani, Mutha, Yimumba and Kivuio all in Kitui South.

“A pupil was killed in less than a month ago. another resident has been killed”, lamented Mbai saying the killings shop stop. He added that leaders and residents of the affected region were willing to cooperate with government to find a lasting solution to the camel invasion by somali herders.

“The county commissioner must ensure our people are protected from these invasions”, said the legislator who was flanked by his other colleagues from county and nationally.

When Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua had a face-to-face confrontation with the camel herders, the legislator told them that they had abused their welcome to herd in the county by invading people’s farms.

One asked the senator whether the reason for them being sent away was as a result of “only two people dying during the invasions”.

Kitui MCAs visited the region in solidarity with the affected residents. “I thank my colleague MCAs for coming here to support us.  They have seen the situation’s first hand’s information regarding killings and destruction”, said Mutha MCA Dominic Mwamisi.

“From Mutha to Kaningo in Tseikuru ward, maneno ni hayo hayo”, remarked Tseikuru MCA Kimanzi Muange in a livestream broadcast hosted by Tharaka MCA Muthengi Ndangara, a former journalist.


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