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 Moses Kirimi who has been a long-time architect working with Chuka University has been found murdered this morning at his Giampampo home a short distance from Chuka University.

The late Moses Kirimi and his late wife Pamela Wanja. The couple died today at their Giampampo home which is near Chuka University where Architect Kirimi worked. /Courtesy

Police say he had serious head injuries from a blunt object probably a metal bar that was around which is believed to have resulted to his death.

It is alleged he was killed by his wife Pamela Wanja who later committed suicide by hanging herself from outside of the second floor of the incomplete apartment they have been residing.

Confirming the incidence, Maara Sub County police commander Mohamed Jarso said the woman left behind a note apologizing to their three underage kids. However, further investigations are underway to establish the motive behind the heinous act.

Maara Sub County police commander Mohamed Jarso addresses the media. He confirmed the heinous incident. 

Following heightened homicide cases in the County, Mohamed advised couples to always find a way to amicably settle issues without taking away lives.

"When a conflict arises in a marriage, it is good to have a boundary considering the innocent kids left behind to suffer like these little ones here now left as orphans," he said.

The murder has happened just day after a man from Itugururu in Igambang'ombe Sub County took own life over wife's infidelity.

The couple left behind 3 young kids.

The bodies of the two have been taken to Chuka County Referral Hospital Mortuary.

The late Arch Moses Kirimi Mati’s employer Chuka University has condoled with the family. In an internal memo seen by MWINGI TIMES, Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration, Finance, Planning and Development Prof Henry M’Ikungu said that staff should consider counselling when they have family disputes.  “On behalf of the Management and the entire Chuka University fraternity to condole with the family and also encourage all members of staff who encounter family disputes to seek counselling early enough before things get out of hand”.

 The property owned by the late Kirimis. Police are investigating the suicide /homicide incident.

The police are investigating the heinous crime.


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