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Spiritual nourisher wearing many hats

 The fast-upcoming Kamba gospel artist, Titus Nzuki has thrilled in the spiritual realm with the song, 'KITHAITHO NIKYO PIN', which translates to 'PRAISING IS THE PIN TO UNLOCKING THE HEAVENLY GLORY’. 

Pastor Titus Nzuki. He ministers at Around the Globe Deliverance Ministry (ATG) church. He is also a Gospel artist, high school teacher, a motivational speaker and an MC./Courtesy

Asked why he did this song, he said, "It was a trying moment. I went down to the book of Acts of Apostles chapter 16. Reading how Paul and Silas were treated because of spreading the Gospel, I got energy to move on. I realised that praising was the only way you can break the chains in life and have spiritual freedom. Furthermore, I realised that even the witches and sorcerer's bow down before the true God, Acts 16:16-18"

Power of the Cross

Titus Nzuki who is a pastor with Around the Globe Deliverance Ministry (ATG) has a great testimony, he says, "Truly God can raise someone from GRASS to GRACE. He goes on to say," I never knew whether I can be who I am today; from a tattered life to an organized life and above all accepting Jesus as a saviour and ministering the word. In fact, I'm being followed in all online platform all over the world. I don't take this granted, but it is by the Power of the Cross."

Our reporter wanted to know where this man of God hails from. He posed a bit and made a humorous laugh, "I was born and brought up in Mwingi North, Kitui County, Kamuwongo division, Tyaa-Kamuthale location."

Pastor Titus Nzuki has sang many Gospel hits available on various platforms for subscription such as Skiza, DVD, VCD and CD as well as social media. His YouTube page is called Titus Nzuki. Visit and watch as well as subscribe to his channel/Courtesy

Pst.Titus Nzuki has vast experience in matters skills development, having worked in the Ministry of Youth Affairs (skills development). He is also a seasoned high school teacher of Geography and Kiswahili.

Still, he doubles to be a motivational speaker and a sizzling Emcee.

Many students in Machakos county and especially Yatta sub-county say,"Hatuwezi kosa show ya huyo mode...amekuwa kielelezo chema." Titus Nzuki has motivated many students to venture into talent-based opportunities.

Many faithfuls are yearning to have Pst.Titus Nzuki as spiritual nourisher in their places of worship. His anointed word coupled with the music ministry is creating a mood of worship of high level,"Akihubiri roho anashuka...Mara hiyo,I love his gospel," one faithful from Wote,Makueni county commented.


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