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Poor rains may worsen drought situation in Kitui County-weatherman

After five consecutive rain seasons failing to yield adequate water for crops in Kitui County, the county is staring at wore food insecurity.

 The latest OND rains forecast prepared by Kitui County Director of Meteorology. MWINGI TIMES/KMD

This may worsen the drought situation leading to an estimated 300,000 people in need of relief food by December this year.

The latest weather forecast by Kitui County Director of Meteorology Daniel Mbithi shows that most parts of the county will have inadequate rains in the OND short rains season.

The southern wards have been forecast to be likely to receive the least amounts of rains. This is likely to be 300mm or less.

Mbithi forecasts that there October -November-December rains will be depressed.

The weatherman adds that the onset of OND rains is likely to commence from the first or second week of November.

The cessation of rains is expected to be third to fourth week of December 2022. This will make rainfall duration to be 30-45 days. Its distribution is expecte to be poor in time and space.

Owing to the changes in weather patterns, the above weather forecast should be used in conjunction with the daily 5-day, weekly and monthly weather forecast.

The Kitui County Director of Meteorology advises farmers to be aware of the forecast weather patterns in order to plan well. He described the imminent October -December rain forecast as "a bit worrying".

The National Drought Management Authority classifies Kitui County to be at the alert stage of drought.


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