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Pastor reads betrayal as politicians retreat from home events

 A pastor from Mwingi has castigated politicians for skipping community events after they were voted into office.

Kamanga village residents follow the burial of Robert Munyoki. MWINGI TIMES/Musyoka Ngui

While pointing out the alleged betrayal of voters soon after elections season ended, Independent Faith Baptist Church Pastor in Tseikuru township Titus Musenge said the politicians’ behaviour was regrettable.

Pastor Musenge was speaking during the burial of Mr Robert Munyoki in Kalimbui sub location where he noted that politicians vying for various seats were common in events such as burials but none was present during Munyoki’s send off which is less than 10 kilometres from Tseikuru town and near a main road.

The youthful man of God cautioned the mourners to desist from matters that are immoral. He pointed out that there were cases of heavy drinking and adultery locally known as kutuania. “We must pray that Ngula is closed”, said Pastor Musenge. Ngula is a notorious drinking den in the outskirts of Tseikuru township where illicit brew is sold.

Not even one politician from Mwingi North Sub County sent apologies of missing the burial attended by hundreds of mourners.

Another notable observation was that only National Government administrators were present. None from Kitui County Government was present. The National Government officials present were Kalimbui assistant chief Mr Joel Musila. He was flanked by his village elders among other invited guests.

In his speech, the chief called upon residents to maintain peace as Munyoki used to. He noted that the deceased never kept grudges and always sought peaceful resolution of conflicts he faced.


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  1. Chaata is with queen Elizabeth and Moi right now,whether the living politicians like it or not.


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