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Mwingi School teacher, two sons among victims of Mtito Andei crash

 A sombre mood engulfs St Augustine Mwingi School following the news of Sunday afternoon crash along Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

St Augustine Mwingi School teacher Telesia Mumbe with one of her sons. They died in Sunday afternoon accident that occurred along Nairobi-Mombasa road near Mtito Andei town. /Courtesy

The Mtito Andei crash involved a matatu colliding head on with a lorry.  Madam Telesia Mumbe, a teacher who worked at the Catholic sponsored boys’ school was one of the accident victims together with her two sons.

MWINGI TIMES has established that the teacher and her two young sons were among the five people who died in the grisly accident. The accident occurred at a spot sandwiched between Voi town and Mtito Andei, Makueni County. This was confirmed by Kibwezi South police boss Mr George Kasimiri.

Kibwezi South Police Commander George Kasimiri told the media that the ill-fated public service vehicle was travelling to Nairobi City while the lorry was going in the opposite direction.

Later, the matatu was to go up to Nuu market in Mwingi Central, Kitui County, its final destination. That was not to happen.

When MWINGI TIMES paid a visit to Mwingi School on Tuesday morning, the principal was away on duty attending to matters related to the demise of Ms Mumbe. Senior teacher Mr Ernest Muthui told us that the school was still reeling from shock of demise of the Kiswahili and CRE teacher.  

The teacher was recently posted to the institution as she was not more than a year old in the school. “It is sad for us to have lost the young teacher and her equally young children. She was an absolutely social and friendly person who did not have problems freely interacting with other people. She was also very hard working and result-oriented,”, Mr Muthui eulogised his departed colleague.

The family had travelled to Mombasa where the husband works as schools were closed for a short vacation. It was during the return journey when the accident happened.

The husband is the only remaining member of the family as he was not in the Kinatwa Prestige matatu that crashed head-on with a lorry.


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