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Manyatta MP says CBC should remain

 Manyatta Member of Parliament Gitonga Mukunji has welcomed the call by the Government to review and subject the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) to public participation.

Manyatta MP Gitonga Mukunji speaks during the University of Embu's 7th graduation ceremony. MWINGI TIMES/Brian Musyoka

Speaking when he graced the seventh graduation at the University of Embu, he said there was need to implementation the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) by involving all the stakeholders in the education sector to make the system success.

"Practicability was a factor that I think the taskforce will look at because that was overlooked because this is thing involve finance," said Mukunji.

Mukunji noted that even though he does not support the scrapping of the new curriculum, it is important to have a deep scrutiny and review and have amendments where necessary so that the system can be successful.

The legislator said the future of the education should be practical and thus much effort should be channelled on mobilizing more resources to support the CBC.

"I am disagreeing with those saying that we should scrap the CBC. We should be looking on how we can have more resources channelled to schools to support the CBC," said the MP.

Exploit capabilities

He noted the CBC was going to ensure learners exploit their capabilities and kick out judgment of learners on academic qualifications.

"CBC was going to equip the learners with skills that will help do what they can in job market but not on the basis of performance in exams. We cannot go back to 8-4-4 system because that is like a ship going back to the dock," noted Mukunji.

Mukunji observed that the current situation in implementation of the new curriculum had created division between the rich and the poor due to cost of implementation of material and infrastructure required to be met in schools.

"I would urge the taskforce for to look into how availability of required material can be met in all school to ensure balance for all schools and students,"Mukunji said.

Deputy Director, State Department of University Education and Research, Wanjakululu Wanambirifuma protested that universities were left out during the CBC implementation despite being the centres of excellence in education and research saying the intellectuals within the universities should not be ignored.

He said they believed this time round; institutions of higher learning will be brought on board alongside other stakeholders to have all the aspects of the curriculum looked from a “philosophical point of view.”

University of Embu Vice Chancellor Prof. Daniel Mugendi said they are looking forward to the CBC review so that the country can have a good curriculum that will help mould learners to be self-reliant.


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