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County Government of Kitui partners with World Vision in provision of water

The County Government of Kitui and the World Vision Kenya have struck a deal to mitigate drought to end food and water shortage in the semi-arid area.

Kitui Governor Julius Malombe meeting World Vision Kenya officials and his county government senior staff at his boardroom on September 22, 2022. MWINGI TIMES/Courtesy

Governor Julius Malombe on Thursday met a delegation from the World Vision Kenya at his boardroom where they discussed possibilities of reviewing and reviving a stalled River Athi-Kanyangi-Mutomo-Kanziko multimillion water project which is aimed at benefiting 100,000 people in Kitui South.

Dr Malombe and his senior staff met the delegation where they deliberated on the financial implications and other technicalities towards making the project a reality.

The governor told the delegation that the river Athi-Kanyangi-Mutomo-Kanziko commonly referred to as Kangu water project which he initiated in 2016 has a total pipeline length of 295 kilometres.

The project is aimed at enhancing development of rural areas by increasing access to water, both for domestic use and small irrigation.

“This project, which I initiated as a pioneer governor in 2016, will go a long way in easing water scarcity in the areas it passes through and beyond once completed,” Malombe said.

Long-term benefits

He said the project will have a long-term benefit to residents living in Kanyangi, Kiseuni, Nzambia, Maluma, Athi, Mutomo, Kibwea, Kiati, Mathima and Syamatani areas.

Other areas to benefit from the grand project include Kanziko, Muthue, Mwangala, Kituvwi, Muvuko, Kyoani, Ikutha, Kalivu, Kyandula, Mwangeni, Kituti and Ndauni.

When he took oath of office on August 25, Malombe pledged to complete various abandoned projects.

“We will prioritise and complete abandoned projects, including but not limited to Kangu Water Project that was to benefit over 100,000 people in Kitui South, incomplete ECDE classrooms such as at Ciokereke in Tseikuru ward as well others in other wards whose completion was ignored by the outgoing administration,” the second term governor said.

Other projects he named include outpatient hospitals facilities in various sub-counties like Mutomo and Zombe, grading and culverting of neglected county access roads including the rehabilitation of farm and road construction machinery, levelling of schools’ playing fields, operationalisation and equipping of maternity hospitals in various sub counties among many others. 


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