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Agony in Embu family as father goes missing

 A family in Embu County is in agony after their father went missing for two weeks now.

Mr Stanley Njiru Kabaci's family is looking for their father who went missing a fortnight ago. MWINGI TIMES/File

Stanley Njiru Kabaci, a retired chief inspector of police went missing on September 2, 2022. He is yet to return home.

Sarah Wangui Njiru said her husband had left her at a site where they are constructing a house together with other workers and went to a shop which they operate at a stone throw.

"There is a septic tank that had leakage where we were constructing. When the carpenters who were making our house informed me, I called him to see since the septic tank is for my neighbour to see how it can be repaired to stop leaking waste to our compound and then he came.

After seeing it, he agreed with the workers what was required so that the repairs can be done to prevent the leakage. He told me he will first go to shop and leave me with the workers. Later, he would go to Embu town to buy some materials which were required by the carpenters," she narrated.

She said at around 12 noon she sent one of her daughters to the shop to pick beans for preparing Githeri but she found the shop locked.

They first thought he had decided to go to Embu town first to buy material required for the construction and come back.

Shop locked

Sarah then sent the daughter again to the shop at 3pm but still found the shop locked.

They became worried.

She then went to the shop to see what was happening since their father has never taken such long to return home when he goes to out.

Sarah then went on to call the close friends of her husband to know whether they had seen him including bodaboda riders who usually fetch him to town and from but no one had seen him.

In the evening, one of her grandsons told her that he saw his grandfather board a matatu while he was coming from school.

Sarah said for about 35 years which they have been in marriage no single day has her husband had differences with anyone.

"We have stayed together for 35 years and he is very cool and is a person who knows how to relate with people. Whoever knowns where he is please inform us," Sarah pleaded.

She also said they had looked him in the hospitals around Embu and Kirinyaga counties but failed to locate him.

His son Stephen Njiru said they are living in distress following the disappearance of their father.

"All is not well in the family. We don't know where we can find our father," he noted.

The matter has been reported at Itabua police station.

They have appealed to member of public to help find their father. The family can be reached through 0726969941 or 0718029912


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