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VOTER bribery suspected in some parts of Kitui Rural

 Ms Winfred Kasee was accused of buying votes in a polling station in Kitui Rural Constituency.

A woman was spotted at Kanyangi polling station having fake papers showing that she was a Wiper candidate's agent Boniface Mwalika. MWINGI TIMES/ Josphine Mwende

A presiding officer confirmed that Ms Kasee was not part of IEBC staff deployed in Kitui Rural to supervise elections of Member of National Assembly. Presiding officer Mr John Kavele ordered the woman to be escorted outside the station.

Ms Winfred Kasee reacts outside Kanyangi polling station after she was arrested over bribery claims. MWINGI TIMES/Josphine Mwende

Security measures were heightened as voting went on. The polling station is among the 157 polling stations in Kitui Rural constituency. It has 505 registered voters. Kitui Rural has about 55,000 registered voters in total.

The incumbent David Mwalika Mboni is defending his seat on Kalonzo Musyoka-led Wiper party’s ticket. Former MP Charles Nyamai is also contesting. He is vying on United Democratic Alliance party ticket which is associated by President-Elect Dr William Ruto.

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, Mwalika said his campaign team was aware that there were plans to rig elections. “They had planned to buy votes and influence our voting patterns especially in Kisasi and Mbitini wards. But I tell you they failed because I have no doubt that I will get more than 90 per cent of Kisasi and Mbitini votes cast” said Mwalika.

The Kitui Rural MP went on to say that he will sue IEBC for mixing up election materials for the August 9 general election in his constituency.  He said that he incurred additional expenditure as he campaigned for three more weeks after the General Elections.

Muema Kiluku, a resident, observed that there was low voter turnout in the polling station he visited. “People are not queueing for long. They just cast their votes and go home”, he said. He was satisfied by how IEBC conducted the exercise.


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