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Thieves break into a Magistrate’s house, steal electronics

Police in Embu County are investigating how burglars broke into Embu Senior Principal Magistrate’s house and made away with valuable items worth KSh105,000.

Embu Senior Principal Magistrate Henry Nyakwemba (right) supervises welders repairing a door in his house. Thugs broke into his house over the weekend stealing property worth more than KSh100,000. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Henry Nyakwemba, a Senior Principal Magistrate (SPM) in Embu Law Courts could not attend courts session on Monday after the theft that took place during the weekend when he was away.

Nyakwemba said that he had travelled over the weekend to visit his family in Nairobi only to be called on Sunday and be informed that his house had been broken into and several items stolen.

"I was informed of the incident on the eve of Sunday by a woman who resides in a Servant Quarter which is within my compound and I immediately reported the matter to the police through a call since I had gone to see my family in Nairobi," said Nyakwemba.

The Senior Principal Magistrate stated that the thieves obtained entry into his residence by making a hole in his compound fence.

Back door

He added that the thieves proceeded and broke into the house by breaking the back door and gained entry to the house stealing, a fridge, a television set, a water dispenser and a music hoofer.

“I really don’t know how they managed to break the door because it had strong reinforcement though it seems they were very energetic and that they had very strong weapons they used to break the doors and gained entry into the house using the kitchen backdoor,” Nyakwemba noted.

He observed that there has been increased cases of theft in the area where most senior government officials reside since the Kazi Mtaani Initiative was introduced.

“The security issue has been a problem after the Kazi Mtaani was stopped and it started to be rampant when the Kazi Mtaani was introduced. There might be some who were surveying who resides where and when he is not there” he said.

Nyakwemba said after the incident was reported to police the security came with sniffer dogs to see whether they could trace the suspects but he was yet to receive the progress from police by the time MWINGI TIMES went to press.

Embu West Sub County Police Commander Julius Kyumbule confirmed the incident and said that police had launched investigations into the matter.

“I can confirm the theft happened and we are pursuing the matter and soon I know the culprits will be brought to book," Kyumbule said.


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