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NGILU: IEBC retained my name on ballot to confuse residents and waste votes

 The Kitui County Governor Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu has cast her voter at Ithookwe show ground, Kitui Central in Kitui County. 

Outgoing Kitui governor Ms Charity Ngilu casts her vote at Ithookwe show ground. She lamented that IEBC retained her name on the ballot "to confuse voters". Photo/COURTESY

Speaking to members of press after voting she confirmed that she is not vying for the gubernatorial seat although her name and picture is appearing in the ballot paper.

"I'm surprised because I wrote a withdrawal letter to IEBC indicating that I'm not vying for this gubernatorial seat because I want to do something better for the Kitui citizens.  But I'm shocked that my name is still appearing in the ballot which means IEBC wants to confuse Kitui residents and waste votes."  she revealed.

The governor withdrew from the gubernatorial race and supports Senator David Musila. Printing ballot papers and transporting them is an expensive exercise. In addition to logistics, staff need to be paid to carry out the actual voting, counting and announcement of votes cast.


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