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87.5 per cent of Kitui MPs re-elected

Majority of Kitui County Members of the National Assembly were voted into office for another five-year term.

Kitui Central MP Dr Makali Mulu is  congratulated by his wife Agnes Makali. All MPs in Kitui defended their seats apart from Kitui Rural slated to conduct polls later this month. Photo/JOSPHINE MWENDE

Only Kitui Rural constituency did not conduct the general elections on August 9 this year.  This was due to the names of candidates vying for the MP seat being misplaced. They were found in South Pokot. IEBC said that it will carry out Kitui Rural electiions on August 23rd.

One of the hotly contested seats was Kitui Central MP which had a taste of a youth candidate in contest. Former KBC news anchor Bonnie Musambi emerged number two after Dr Makali Mulu. Mulu garnered 30,571 votes while the ex-KBC anchor scored 9,866 votes.

Speaking to the press, Kitui Central MP-elect Dr Makali Mulu Benson called upon his competitors to join hands with him and work for the residents. "I hereby ask all my competitors to accept me as their MP and accept to work with me. Bring your leadership views and ideas then come we work together as a team for the benefit of the Kitui Central people" said Mulu.

Kitui County has eight constituencies. Five are in Kitui region. They are Kitui Central, Rural, South, West and East. Mwingi region has three namely: Mwingi Central, North and West.


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