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Water provision tops Malombe's campaign pledges

Dr. Julius Malombe's running mate Wambua Kanani has pitched tent in Mwingi West Constituency. 
Governor Julius Malombe's running mate Augustine Wambua Kanani address residents of Kairungu in Kiomo/ Kyethani ward in Mwingi West on Thursday July 28, 2022. Photo/MWINGI TIMES

The former banker has toured Kairungu and Itong'olani areas in Kiomo/Kyethani ward

He's expected to later campaign in the neighborhoring Kyome/Thaana ward where he will address locals at Winzyei market centre. 

Kanani is accompanied by influential people in the area who include professionals and businessmen. 

He said Governor Malombe's administration will restore back the lost glory which he has has suffered under the current leadership of outgoing governor Charity Ngilu. 

"Let's vote for Malombe as the governor. Musila is an old man worthy being my grandfather. We respect him but let's reject  him," Kanani charged. 

He said if voted at the helm of Kitui county  together with his boss they will prioritize provision of water to locals among other things. 
"We will construct mega dams at the Constituency level and also have medium dams at the sub-locational level," he explained. 


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