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Singing a new song

 TEN days ago, multi-talented Catholic Liturgical Music solo artist and composer/song writer Anastacia Muema released her brand-new song called Nyimo Tamu. It has generated over 100,000 views.

A videograb of recently released song by Anastacia Muema (right). The gospel song is titled Nyimbo Tamu. It has generated thousands of views on YouTube blessing millions. Photo/COURTESY

The song is available in 4K format hence offering crystal clear presentation of both sound and motion pictures.

Over the same period, close to 1200 viewers thanked Rajo Productions for the immense blessings they receive from Ms Muema.

“Amina. Amina. Kazi nzuri na safi yaambatana na bidi yako. Hongera”, said Msanii Records.

Onesmus Mutisya concurs, “Sauti tamu. Never disappoints. Good work and keep it up”.

The Catholic gospel artist has mentored many who admire her talent and eagerly wait for her next production.

All wish her well and urge her to keep singing for the Lord, adding that blessings shall always follow her.

Other songs sung by Anastacia Muema include Bwana Amefufuka Twimbe Aleluya, Tukampokee Yesu and Shukrani Yangu among many more.


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