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JEREMIAH KAMAU: Music uplifts me, expands my horizons

 Young and softspoken gospel artist Jeremiah Kamau Kaundu had a sit down with MWINGI TIMES in the midst of his busy schedule as the lead musician for Senator David Musila campaigns for Kitui governor seat.

Mr Jeremiah Kamau Kaundu is a gospel artist, event manager and a motor-vehicle engineer. He is set to release a new hit from August 2022. Photo/FILE

In addition to singing, Kamau is a motor vehicle engineer based at Kitui town.

The father of three says he practices his music instruments during every free time he gets in order to perfect the art. His favourite instruments are the keyboard and guitar.

Due to his success in the music industry, Jeremiah often gets invited to events to perform as well as to be a sound engineer for his clients.

Coming from the southern tip of Kitui county in Mutha ward, Mutomo sub county, he says that everything has its time. Currently he is preoccupied with events but soon after elections, Jeremiah plans to release a new song which is in the making in his Kitui town studios.

“I have a new song which I am working on. I am planning to release it immediately after the August polls”, he says.

Some of his earlier released songs are Mama na Tata, Unastahili Bwana and Avoi.

David Musila Governor 2022

Jeremiah released a song known as David Musila Governor 2022. The song was loved by Kitui county residents as it is often played during Senator David Musila alias Bw Meko’s campaign rallies. He is vying for Kitui governor on Jubilee party ticket.

Last month, residents of Katoteni loved the Kamba beat and danced to the tune during the Senator David Musila’s campaigns. This was replicated in plenty of other tours across the wards underscoring the senator’s popularity in his 2022 Kitui governor campaigns which have reached homestretch.

Music has enabled him to travel to new places and interact with many people from different backgrounds. “Music has helped me meet new friends like you (this writer) as a journalist. I have known new areas and it has uplifted me personally”, says Jeremiah.

In the music industry, the gospel artist has encountered challenges such as what he termed as “being misused by our leaders”. He explains: There is a time President Kenyatta gave 250 million shillings to all artists but the money went to a few people’s pockets.

“If the government can be strict with the corrupt, we as musicians tungekuwa mbali”, concludes Jeremiah.

Jeremiah Kamau’s songs can be found on his social media pages. Check out some of his songs by clicking on links below in his YouTube channel. While still there, like, comment and share the songs to your contacts.


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