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"There are no drugs in Kitui County hospitals, only condoms" -Sen Musila

 "There are no drugs in Kitui County hospitals, only condoms" Sen Musila said while speaking at Ngungani market in Mwingi North Sub County. 

Senator David Musila addresses residents of Ngungani market in Mwingi North Sub during his gubernatorial campaign rally. Photo/SEN DAVID MUSILA PRESS


Sen David Musila thanked artists who preceded his talk with residents saying that he had heard the grievances of the Ngungani residents and would address them when elected as governor in August 2022.

Sen Musila, who was a teacher at Nguuku secondary* school, used the time at Ngungani market to recognize his former students.

"If I have so many children I taught here, it shows I am not a visitor in Ngungani market", said the Kitui County gubernatorial candidate for Jubilee Party.

Having been cleared to vie for the top seat in the county, Sen Musila beseeched area residents to vote for him.

Residents of Ngungani market in Mwingi North Sub County following Senator David Musila's address at Ngungani market in Mumoni Ward, Kitui County. Photo/SEN DAVID MUSILA PRESS


Sen Musila said that Kitui County has wasted 10 years with wasteful spending of county resources. He alleged the governors conspired with contractors to short change the county in various projects ranging from road constructions which were below standards and other county projects where residents had no say in their implementation.

Sen. David Musila decried poor health services in Kitui county saying that residents could not be treated in their county without being referred to neighbouring counties such as Machakos, Embu, Garissa and Meru.

Community Health Volunteers

He said that his government with reinstate Community Health Volunteers who were sacked.

"There are no drugs in our counties. We only have condoms in those facilities", said Bwana Meko before asking rhetorically, "have you not stopped using condoms?".

Senator Musila took a swipe at Kitui leaders giving pro-poor bursaries which are of little help. "They are giving you pro-poor bursaries of KSh2000. How will that help you? ", asked Sen Musila.

He promised to improve bursaries allocation to young people when voted in to office.

The former Kitui Senator said youths, women and Persons Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) will be allocated 30 per cent of tenders in his government in order to provide jobs for them.

Senator Musila assured the Mwingi North residents that he will be the governor of the downtrodden.

He dismissed his rivals who claimed he was too old to lead saying that he is strong and able to work well. "I have stood here talking to you and my feet are not trembling" said 'Bwana Meko' adding that he was fit and strong.

Sen. Musila told Ngungani residents that he will be available to serve them unlike others who were voted for but do not prioritize their needs.

He was accompanied by his Deputy Governor designate Kennedy Moki alias Muyo.

"I am sure we will serve you. He is a very learned man and will help me work for you" said Hon David Musila.

Under his leadership, Musila said that each ward will receive KSh20Million for development at the ward level.


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