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“Our hospitals will always have drugs if you elect me,” Senator Musila tells Kamuw'ongo residents

 Senator David Musila has thanked residents of Kamuw'ongo  for supporting him in his gubernatorial bid.


Senator David Musila addresses Kamuw'ongo residents in Mwingi North Sub County. He was cleared yesterday by the IEBC to run for gubernatorial seat in the county. Photo/SENATOR DAVID MUSILA PRESS

He has said that for ten years, Kitui County has wasted county resources rather than serving citizens.

 Fighting Corruption

Senator Musila said he is a champion of accountability of every county government coin sent by the National Treasury.

"I am going to provide drugs in your hospitals. During this COVID time, our people died due to lack of oxygen. That should not have happened. 

In Kitui , we lack oxygen for COVID

 Our residents are taken to Machakos, Kiambu, Garissa and Embu counties for treatment. Some die on the way" said Senator Musila.

Senator David Musila promised to reinstate Community Health Volunteers who lost their jobs under Ms Ngilu administration.

The Kitui County gubernatorial candidate told women that he will avail clean water to all residents and relieve them off the burden of walking for long distances in search of water.

"We will build 'minanda' and 'ming'eeto' for you to access water nearby " , said Senator Musila.

Musila Foundation donated KSh10 Million to educate 51 students up to university level. The Senator urged young people to vote for him as he has their interests at heart.  

He said that he will empower them with technical skills and avail loans to create and expand their businesses.

Young people, women and People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs) will access government tenders under Senator Musila government.

He said that he will not allow county government askaris to harass small business owners.

Senator David Musila has reiterated his commitment in fighting corruption in the county. He accused the last two regimes of Kitui county of having been marked with rampant corruption.

Senator Musila said he was committed to being a humble servant of all residents.

Kamuw'ongo residents promised to support Senator David Musila in his gubernatorial bid.



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