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NDINDA: Making our sitting rooms elegant


Hello dear esteemed readers! Its yet another day and moment where we get to meet through our column. In our last publication, we looked at how we can easily make our bedroom stunning. Today we are going to take a look at how we can improve our sitting room.


A decorated living room.  Cleaning and arranging your sitting room makes it tidy to live in. Photo/COURTESY

This room is what everyone sees when they set their foot in any household. We all want to have everything in place but sometimes we have too many items thus making it a little bit difficult to arrange everything in place. Below are some of the tips that we all need to try out.

Make sure that the place is clean. Any clean place or property is always appealing to the eye. Besides arranging your stuff, make sure that the room is clean.

The second important point to note is to make sure that all electrical appliances are arranged in one place. This will help in ensuring that all the cables and electrical wires are all in one place to avoid cables all over. This will come a long way especially if you have children since they are all over the place up and down. 

Add some colour. This could range from carpet to your throw pillows and curtains. This makes the place look lively and lovely. Although not everyone of us likes all those shouting colours, try to blend some of your favourite colours just to bring in some life into the room. 

Minimize the rarely used stuff. Don't overload your space with unused or rarely used items. Put them together and find some safe place to store them. Remember you might need them someday. 

Have drawers. This will help you in storing items of the same category together and avoid looking for them over time. It also brings in some sense of being organized. You could hang your pictures, paintings on the wall to maximize on space. 

Have some scented perfumes around. Anyone would want to hang around a nice smelling place. Make your visitors want to stay a little bit longer. Let the scent attract them to wanting to spend an extra minute.

Also ensure that your room is well aerated by opening the windows. 

Frequently do some dusting around. Make sure your items are very clean by doing frequent cleaning and dusting off. 

I really hope that the above tips will help restore the beauty of your room. Remember, it has to elegant, Trendy and Classy! 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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