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500 enrolled for Kazi Mtaani in Mwingi Central

Mwingi Central Deputy County Commissioner Catherine Wangui has today launched National Hygiene Program (NHP), dubbed Kazi Mtaani in Mwingi  Central. 
Mwingi Central Deputy County Commissioner Catherine Wangui addresses Kazi Mtaani Phase 3 recruits during the launch of the phase today in her office. Catherine was accompanied by other tip government officials.Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

The government program is designed to cushion vulnerable families in the informal settlements from the effects and impacts brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Speaking during the launch, Wangui confirmed that the government is targeting 500 individuals from Mwingi Central in two phases. 
"The government is targeting to enrol 500 individuals from vulnerable households,the individuals will be divided into two groups of 250 each and each group will be working in turns of 10 days for the next 3 months," said Wangui. 
Wangui urged the recruits to behave well and do their duties as assigned. 
"Getting this opportunity is not easy. Please do not let down our government. Do your duties as expected. Serve our people diligently,"she urged. 
She said this could help them meet their basic needs as well as start businesses. 
"This opportunity will help you meet you basic needs,pay school fees as well as starting a business. Previously, others have used payment from Kazi Mtaani to start business, you can as well do it,"she added. 
She requested them to give out correct details to avoid inconvenience during payment which is directly done by government via Mpesa.
She said the recruits are expected to be involving in activities such as planting trees, garbage collection, bush clearing, public places renovation as well as distilling dams in different parts of Mwingi Central. 
The 500 will be supervise by 10 supervisors.

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