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Wambora to Blame for Heath Sector Mess- MCA Charges

 Governor Martin Wambora has misappropriated monies allocated for healthcare services by the County Assembly of Embu, a Ward Representative has claimed.

Ruguru Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo who is also the Embu County Assembly Health Committee Chairman has blamed Governor Martin Wambora for inefficiency in managing the Health sector which is a devolved function saying the Assembly allocated funds for the Executive to implement projects but residents got compromised services. Photo/MWINGI TIMES CORRESPONDENT

Ruguru Ngandori MCA Muturi Mwombo who is also the Chairman of the County Assembly Committee on Health holds that Ward Reps have religiously set aside adequate funds for the Embu Level Five Hospital and other medical facilities in the county, but the money cannot be accounted for.

Absolving himself and his counterparts from allegations that MCAs embezzled funds meant for medicine and payment of medics, Muturi asserted that the Health Committee had done all that was required of it in terms of legislation and oversight. He however regretted that the County Executive, which is the implementing agency had failed to perform its role and covered up theft of drugs and graft.

While also exonerating his colleagues from indictments of sabotaging the County Government, Muturi pointed out that the roles of MCAs were distinctively spelt out in the Constitution and the County Governments Act and rubbished claims by the Governor that the legislators have been diverting hospital funds to their operations.

Laxity and Corruption

He further added that no legislative proposal originating from Wambora’s cabinet had failed at the Assembly; an indication that MCAs were keen on seeing the County Government succeed in all sectors of development, but said laxity and corruption were the main obstacles preventing effective service delivery to Embu County residents.

Muturi at the same time told off Governor Wambora for attempting to apportion blame to MCAs stating that Kenyans scoffed at President Uhuru Kenyatta for the scandal at the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (Kemsa) and not Members of Parliament because the buck stops with the president.

Additionally, the MCA revealed that the Governor’s administration was famous for disgraceful projects like maize seeds worth millions that did not germinate, stalled water projects, the infamous Embu Stadium which consumed more than KSh 350 million yet nothing was constructed, ‘slaughtering’ of patients in the name of (unsuccessful) brain surgery and kidney transplants, fake jobs in the Middle East as well as non-operational coffee mill and milk processing plant amongst other “ghost” projects.

Muturi lambasted the Governor and termed his 10-year regime as a wasted decade for Embu County, lamenting that the electorate would have “nothing” to remember in Wambora’s failed legacy”.


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