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The role of music in Janesis telenovela

 Farida Athman brings music to Janesis, a telenovela now on its 18th episode streamed live on YouTube every Friday.

Music. Photo/COURTESY

In a Switch TV appearance five months ago, Fari laid bare her young life growing up in Nairobi’s Eastleigh estate and going to Mary Happy primary school and later graduating in Maina Wajingi high school in the same urban setting.

The drop-dead gorgeous singer is signed under Sammy Kioko Entertainment. She said that she DMed the artist while back in high school and expressed interest in recording with him.

“I started being serious with music while I was in Class 4. My friends told me I can sing.

I was humming even in class. Then the teacher was like that is Farida. Get out” said Fari during the ChatSpot interview.

At first, her dad, a Muslim, did not support her career but later the family got used to her talent to a point that her siblings longed for the days when she will visit them in school.

The third born in a family of eight says that she looks up to Beyoncé in her musical journey. She also loves rhumba, a fantasy that makes her music seem older than her.

Drawing her compositions from daily life experiences, Fari produced the I Feel You song that is regularly used in Janesis shows. 

The theme song creates a romantic settings in stories of betrayal and pain that come in pursuit of happiness in all its forms of compatibility.


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