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The allure of advertising in Janesis shows

 The role of advertising in the media industry cannot be underestimated. Companies in the media fraternity are looking for best deals in town to secure and longer engagement for better returns.

A health officer sets up dentist section of Siron Medical Centre. The company advertised with Janesis telenovela in its 19th episode this morning. Photo/COURTESY

Likewise, businesses go to the media to get known, conquer renew frontiers and strengthen their financial muscles.

It was no wonder today JANESIS telenovela pushed forward its show by 1 minute and 14 seconds to run an advert by Siron Medical Centre which specialises in dental services among other high-quality medical services.

Anyone watching the nineteenth episode will come to know Siron and visit should they have medical needs as its contacts were provided.

The support for the health facility for local talent is laudable and more are required to provide jobs to many Kenyans who are unemployed.


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