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Embu youth endorse Muturi to be DP Ruto’s running mate

 With only two days for the presidential candidates to unveil their running mates, a section of youths from Embu County drawn from different universities and other youth leaders in the county have endorsed Speaker Justin Muturi to be DP Ruto's running mate.

Young people from Embu County (pictured) have said by DP Ruto picking National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, he will easily achieve the required 50% +1 vote required to win presidency as the region has over five million votes. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Speaking to press in Embu town, the youths said Muturi was the most qualified leader among the leaders who are seeking to deputise Ruto.

Led by Dennis Wachira alias Obinna who is the university students’ leader in Embu county, they described Muturi as a brilliant man who has never been implicated in any corruption scandal in his life time as a public servant.

"We want to urge the Deputy President William Ruto to consider picking Muturi he is good man who is development oriented and free from corruption. We urged DP Ruto to pick him as his running mate," said Mr Wachira.

His sentiments were echoed by Kelvin Kariuki who said that if Ruto will settle for Muturi then his score will raise to 100%” score in the My Kenya region.

Kariuki said the National Assembly Speaker leads over 300 members of Parliament and that is a clear demonstration of able leader who can be Kenya's deputy president.

Kariuki stated that Muturi is a sober man who cannot derail development and service delivery in government.

"If we give this chance to a young person than JB Muturi then this may have repercussions in future. Let's tap Muturi because he is sober," said Kariuki.

Doris Mwende said being number three in the country it was now time to upscale him to the position of the country’s second in command.


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