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Nothing was salvaged from Mwingi raid and no arrests made, family says

 Police in Mwingi are still investigating a case where members of a family at Ikuusya Village in Mwingi Central Sub County escaped death by a whisker after gang of robbers raided their home and torched their house.


Mama Tabitha Mwinzi, wife to a renowned Mwingi businessman narrates to the press an incident where thugs raided their home and torched it as well as stealing mobile phones and at least KSh50,000 on her mobile wallet. Photo/BONIFACE MWANIKI

According to Tabitha Mwinzi, wife to a renown Mwingi businessman whose house was torched, she was asleep at around 1:00am on Thursday when she heard noise in her compound after which she was ordered to open her house or she would be killed. After hesitating, the thugs threw can full of petrol in her house and put her house on fire.

"I was forced to open the door due to the smoke and huge flames of fire which almost burned me and our grandchild whom I was holding in my hands", narrated Tabitha.

It was after opening the door when the thugs took the child and started beating Mama Tabitha mercilessly, eventually she was forced to hand over her MPESA pin and the thugs took away with her phone, withdrawing the 50,000 shillings which was in her mobile wallet. 

After the thugs vanished, Tabitha called for help from neighbours who tried to put the fire off but nothing much could be done since the fire had razed down all valuables in the house.

"We didn't rescue anything since the fire was so big, all the IDs, birth certificates and even title deeds were destroyed", she added. 

John Mwinzi, the eldest son in the family said that the police are yet to arrest any culprits despite having been alerted immediately. 

John said that property worth more than KSh6,000,000 shillings was destroyed and the family is currently facing many challenges. 

He has pleaded with the police to beef up security and hasten the investigations in order to put those behind the robbery to book.


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