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NDINDA: Keeping your bedroom neat and organized


A clean bedroom means a neat, tidy and organized one. Most of the times, we tend to ignore the fact that our bedroom is part of our house/home and it should be kept as clean and tidy as the other rooms. The notion could be because it is a room that is not exposed to the rest of the people.


A bedroom should be kept clean and well arranged. Photo/COURTESY

It's time we changed that. A clean environment gives one the urge to want to keep on checking in. Anyone could come in and I'm pretty sure that you wouldn't want your space to be found in a disorganized state. I want us to look at some of important tips that we can use to change the state of our bedroom.

Firstly, always make your bed. Whenever someone comes into your room, especially that considered private room, the first thing they notice is the bed. Some of us tend to ignore the fact that our beds should be the first thing to be done when you get out of bed. A well-made bed has a certain sense of warmth and attraction. Have some colourful sheets so just to make the bed as good as the sheets.

Keep your clothes arranged. Avoid scattered clothes all over your space. This makes it even harder to know which are clean and which need to be washed. Fold the clothes that need to be folded, hang those that need to be in the hangers. Have a box or a laundry basket for putting your dirty laundry and for easier identification. This makes your bedroom not look like a cloth storage space. This also means that you also arrange your shoes as well. 

Fresh air

Ensure that you do cleaning. Dusting off surfaces will have your bedroom not feeling so dusty and stuffy. Take some time to clean up your drawers, shelves and closets. Have the windows open as well for some fresh air. 

Use the space under bed. This space can be useful in storing the extra stuff that are no longer needed or rarely used. You can use boxes or storage tin for your stuff. 

Arrange your furniture according to the frequency of use. This helps in making sure that you only have around what you need. 

If possible, have bedside drawers or pocket organizers. This will aid in making sure that you closely have the items that you need frequently. 

It's my hope that you find these tips useful to you in making sure that you turn around the face of your bedroom. As always it has been TRENDY and CLASSY!

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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