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Land row making Kitui residents sleep in bushes fearing attacks

 SECURITY topped Kitui County governor campaigns in Voo-Kyamatu ward when former Senator David Musila visited the area in a vote hunting mission this week.

Former Kitui Senator David Musila speaks in Mwingi town in March 2022. He has called for an end of boundary dispute between Kitui and Tana River counties.Photo/FILE

The former Provincial Commissioner said that his many years of experience in Administration will help in solving border conflicts between Kitui and Tana River counties.

“I said I must come to Voo-Kyamatu where people are troubled so that I understand their suffering.  When you vote me in, that will be my first task to undertake. I want you to know that I will be thinking about your problems and how to solve them”, he said.

The veteran administrator said in 1977 when he was a District Commissioner in Holla, there was rampant cattle rustling which he helped put to an end.

“I have knowledge about security not for the purpose of shooting but how you will benefit”, he went on.

Musila called upon the national government to solve the Kitui-Tana River land row saying as local leaders, they will not tolerate their residents sleeping in the bushes in fear of bandits. Once invaders attack, they also vandalise the farms of locals by grazing their herds on crops planted there, narrated the former Kitui senator.

Speaking to MWINGI TIMES, local residents beseeched the government to bring peace to the region saying that they live in fear of attacks given that the intruders were armed as they forcefully grazed in their vicinities.


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