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Insurance company boosts Gov’t target of 10 per cent forest cover

 An insurance company has kicked off a program that will see about 235 schools each plant 5,000 tree seedlings as way of supporting the government to achieve the 10 per cent forest cover at a tune of KSh 10 million shillings.

Pioneer Insurance General Manager Timothy Mutua waters a tree he planted at St Mary's Kigaa day secondary in Runyenjes on Friday. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Each school will be planting 1,000 tree seedlings and five students will be award with bursary to support their education.

While speaking during the launch of the program on Friday May 20 at St Mary's Kigaa day secondary school in Embu East, Pioneer Insurance General Manager Timothy Mutua said the program in school was aiming and inculcating the environment conservation culture to students.

He said the students are the majority compared to women and they were the best in boosting the government effort to achieve the 10 percent forest cover. "We recognize that our children are the majority and if we induce to them the culture of planting trees we'll achieve the government's target of 10 per cent forest cover comfortably," said Mutua.

Mutua said the program targets planting 500,000 tree seedlings in a span of two years in different sschools across the country.

Eight counties

The manager noted that so far, they have covered eight counties. "Today in Embu is our eighth county before the end of the year we shall cover 24 counties they next year we shall cover the rest," said Mutua.

The insurance company also awarded bursary worthy KSh 125,000 shillings to five needy students in the schools.

Mr Mutua said the purpose to award the bursaries was aiming at supporting the government in effort to realise 100 per cent transition from primary school to secondary school.

"We know that the government is putting more emphasis on education through this there will be many needy students in schools and school heads will have tough task to manage the schools, so that is why we have come in to support the students," said the manager.

Nicholas Muraya, the principal St Mary's Kigaa Secondary school lauded the initiative by Pioneer Insurance saying it came at the right time.

Muraya noted that many parents were struggling to settle school fees and thus students who have benefited will have an opportunity to go on with their studies.

He said that the environmental conversation culture passed to students will impact in future as the student will become of age to pass the culture to the next generation hence achieving a greener environment.

"It is important for the students to grow with the knowledge of conserving the environment and will grow to pass the same to generations. Students here have a problem in paying school fees since many parents are single parents and many students are orphans" said Muraya.

Cecily Muthoni one of the parents whose student benefited said it was not easy looking for school fees with the rising standards of living.

"Without any form employment it is not easy to pay school fees. I want to thank Pioneer Insurance for this gesture," stated Muthoni.


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