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Factors considered in choosing running mates in Embu

 Embu Gubernatorial aspirants have picked their running mates who will help them fight for the county's top seat.

Mr Lenny Kivuti (right) together with his running mate Mr Joseph Nyaga during the official announcement of their gubernatorial ticket. Photo/BRIAN MUSYOKA

Factors of communities, regions vote richness and influence are the key factors that have been considered by the Gubernatorial aspirants while settling on their running mate.

Lenny Kivuti has settled on Joseph Nyaga who hails from Kiriari area of Manyatta constituency in upper part of Embu.

Kivuti hails from Mbeere region which is in lower part of Embu.

It was a double win for Kivuti after a group of elders from Manyatta constituency where he picked his running mate endorsed and crowned him for the county's seat.

In an event that was coloured by elders and his supporters, Kivuti and his running mate Mr Nyaga were given the mantle to seek for votes across the county.

The elders said Kivuti was fit for the seat and his opponents cannot match his ability.

"We are asking our Embu people to channel their support to Lenny Kivuti. We need a leader who can be accepted across the whole county and Kivuti is the man because of his previous development record," said one of the elder.

Cecily Mbarire who will be flying the UDA ticket in Embu gubernatorial contest has settled on Kinyua Mugo who was former Manyatta MP aspirant.

Mr Mugo hails from Manyatta constituency which has the highest number of votes in the four constituencies in the county.

Mbarire is working on banking the vote rich constituency through Mugo and his machineries.

The constituency has more than 90,000 registered voters.

Mbarire comes from Runyenjes constituency and she is confident that her home votes will be put in her basket.

A respected man

She however has a task to convince Mbeere voters which is Kivuti's home region to vote for her.

Former Manyatta MP Emilio Kathuri who ditched Kivuti's camp where he was his running mate and is vying on a Jubilee ticket has settled on Henry Murage from Mbeere South Constituency.

Murage is said to be a respected man in Mbeere community because of his touch to the locals.

He has been the secretary for the Constituency Development Fund for the Mbeere South constituency.

Kathuri hails from Manyatta constituency. He believes having come from the constituency with the highest number of voters and his pick for running mate from Mbeere region he has the better chance to succeed governor Martin Wambora whose two term is lapsing.

However, he will have to fight well the narrative of party in a county which is dominated by United Democratic Party (UDA) and Devolution Empowerment Party christened as 'BUS'.

Dr Njagi Kumantha who is vying on a Democratic Party of Kenya ticket said he had picked his running mate from Mbeere South constituency.

Though he said the running mate was a professor, he said he will disclose his name in due course.

"I do not want to disclose the name now but I will make him public soon," said Kumantha.

He said the reason for picking his running mate from Mbeere was because he comes from Runyenjes constituency which is in upper part of Embu and because of the unity of the two communities (Embu and Mbeere) he saw a need to pick from lower part of Embu.


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