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Clash as Ngilu is accused of hijacking national govt projects for political mileage

 A bitter clash has erupted in which two Kitui legislators are accusing governor Charity Ngilu of hijacking national government projects to gain undue credit for political expediency.

MPs Makali Mulu (left) and Charles Nguna at Kyondoni Primary School in Kitui West last Saturday. Photo/MT CORRESPONDENT

But the Ngilu’s office has come out gun-blazing to disparage the legislators’ accusation and justify why the governor should take credit for the tarmacking for a road linking Kitui and Makueni County and the distribution of land tittle deeds to residents. 

MPs Makali Mulu (Kitui Central) and Charles Nguna (Mwingi West) are not amused that Ngilu last Friday allegedly hijacked the launch of the tarmacking of the KSh. 2.3 million road to claim credit and also the issuance of land tittle deeds to Kitui people despite the two being national government programmes.

The duo has urged Ngilu to stop seeking credit for projects not under her docket. Mulu also claims that the 86-kilometre road from Wikililye in Kitui to Wote town in Makueni county was lobbied by MPs. 

Nguna challenges Ngilu to instead tell the people of Kitui how her administration had utilized the nearly KSh. 12 billion it has been receiving from the exchequer annually. The MPs accused the governor of unduly seeking political mileage from national government projects. 

They spoke on Saturday at Kyondoni Primary School in Kitui West during prayers for Kitui Senator, Enoch Wambua, as he launched campaigns to reclaim his seat at the August 9 polls. The prayer session was presided over by an AIC Bishop Rev. Joshua Kimuyu.

Road project

But in a rebuttal, Ms Ngilu’s communication director, Denis Omwange, moved to social media to discount the MPs claims complete with video footages, previous posts of Ngilu and pictures to prove that the governor engineered both the road project and the processing of title deeds in Kitui county.

Omwange posted a video clip of the transport, infrastructure and urban development PS Prof Mwangi Maringa confirming during the last Friday launch of the tarmacking of the road linking Kitui and Makueni Counties that the project was realized due to incessant lobbying by Ngilu.

“I want to appreciate your governor. She has the knack to follow up things until they come through. Before I left home for work, the first phone call I used to get was from your governor wondering about the road project,” he said as he presided over the launch of the project. 

The PS added that Ngilu ensured the project was not forgotten as he went ahead to also call not only the Cabinet Secretary in-charge but even president Uhuru Kenyatta. Another video shows Ngilu requesting Mr Kenyatta to prioritise the road project when he visited Museve shrines in Kitui for a fundraiser in June 2021.

Further, Ngilu’s office has gone ahead to prove that Ngilu also was behind the fas tracking of land adjudication and titling program. Photos have been produced of governor and PS for land and physical planning Nicholas Muraguri launching the program in Katse market, in Kitui in January 2019.


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