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CHARLES MUSYOKA: Kalonzo is the most qualified to be Raila’s DP

MWINGI TIMES: Hello Sir and welcome to MWINGI TIMES newspaper. Today is a big day for your party Wiper Democratic Movement since its leader Kalonzo Musyoka is appearing before Raila DP selection panel to explain his suitability for the role. What do you think qualifies him for that?

Charles Musyoka during an interview with Mwingi Times. Photo/COURTESY

CHARLES MUSYOKA: Thank you MWINGI TIMES for this interview and I thank you for this wonderful idea letting our voices be heard through your timeline. 

First of all, I think Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is even overqualified to be a DP 

because he himself went down and dropped his ambitions for president in order to give Raila a last chance to try his last bullet. Again, Stephen Kalonzo has been tested since he was once a vice president. 

Still he served in many high profiled sectors of this nation and even internationally. 

Yesterday he changed his mind despite a week before promising he won't attend the interview which he described as demeaning to his stature.  What do you think necessitated this development?

Kalonzo is wise. He wanted to confuse even the (Deputy President) interviewers so that in case they try not to propose him for that role they won't have any excuse. He will have accomplished their demands. 

What's the role of Kalonzo as regional kingpin given Ukambani appears divided with his own governor Ngilu talking at cross purpose with him plus Makueni and Machakos governors being closer to DP Ruto than him?

Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka beforeAzimio One Kenya Coalition Deputy President interview panel on May 10, 2022. Photo/ COURTESY

I think HE Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka still controls the whole Ukambani region and beyond regardless of the other small parties lead by Mutua, Kivutha and Charity. Because even when you try to revert back on how those other leaders survived to National political it is because of Kalonzo. Mutua was brought to politics because of Kalonzo. Ngilu has tried a lot to outsmart Kalonzo but nobody can believe her. Kivutha again he was made governor by Kalonzo. 

Yesterday on Twitter, former PSCU spokesperson Nzioka Waita lambasted Kalonzo as unfit to lead the community saying he failed in uniting the community to negotiate for development projects as one entity and not divided.  What's your opinion about that?

Nzioka Waita is a small boy in politics. He came the other day let him first win the governorship of Machakos then we will talk about him later.

What do you think is the solution to youth unemployment in Kenya?

First of all I think our youths need to learn from themselves and try not to be misused. 

Again, our politicians it is true sometimes they try not balance issue on youth employment which is rampant in our nation. Therefore, we as youth I think it will reach a time when we shall stand with one voice and say no to misuse. 

Meanwhile I urge all my fellow youth to work hard both on self-employment and any other opportunities which may occur on the way. Finally, let us vote Azimio.

Thank you.



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