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ATAMBO: Like Jacob, I won’t let you go unless you bless me

 Gospel artist Signor Atambo Jnr has dropped a new song entitled What You Left Behind. The songwriter and performer has lived to his captivating signature stage presentation.

A screen grab showing Signor Atambo Jnr sing his well-known song called I Won't Let You Go. Photo/COURTESY

As he strums guitar while wearing cowboy hat, his voice can be mistaken to be a secular classic hit.  But soon after, viewers are treated to prayerful ballads recalling timeless Biblical stories which he retells effortlessly. Perhaps showing his mastery of Christian teachings.

One of his famous songs is I Won’t Let You Go. Here he delves into the Jacob’s story when his encounter with God made him to say that he wont let Him go unless He blesses him. This led to him wrestling with the Lord until he was blessed. For more on this read Genesis 32:22-32.

Most of his video shooting is done in a serene environment which is lush green coupled with aerial angling for a more picturesque look.

To promote the use of local language in performance, Atambo uses his native Kisii in his other songs. However, most are sung in English with some performances going into the night hence bonfire is lit for more blessings in the evening performances. Check out his official YouTube Channel here:


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