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NDINDA: How to fight anxiety


There are situations that will get you such feeling so anxious. We've all had such a feeling and especially when we are about to handle a certain situation such a job interview, address a crowd or even when you are going to meet your partner's family. 

Seek medical help if ways of dealing with anxiety listed here do not help in addressing it. Photo/COURTESY

We experience butterflies in our stomach, sweaty hands, shaking and even to an extent where we can even have a running stomach. All this come as a result of the unrest. This is a natural way of your bodies to respond to stress or some discomfort.

 Anxiety might seem like a minor issue but trust you me, it's an issue that we all need to deal with. Below are some of the steps we can follow whenever we find ourselves in such circumstances. 

Take a deep breath. This will help you calm down and relax. Remember, whenever you are anxious, your heart rate speeds up. Breathing in and out helps calm your heart beating rate. This works out magic. 

Try aromatherapy. This is the use of good scents such as roses or lavender or even oil. Inhaling such triggers certain hormones in your brain that magically help you to relax. 

Get enough sleep. Anxiety can make you lose sleep since you are overwhelmed. Try to catch some good sleep. This helps relax your brain thus calming you down. Make sure you don't have any distractions. Let the room be so peaceful. 

Use of stress management skills. This could include jogging, a walk or even doing some yoga. This help in distracting you from thinking about the same situation over and over again. 

If you feel like the situation gets out of, seek some medical advice from a health specialist. Let the doctor prescribe the best medication for the condition before it gets out of hand. Don't let anxiety weigh you down. It's easy to deal with it and it can be controlled. Stay Healthy, always. 

 The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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