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NDINDA: Simple home remedies in dealing with acne


Hello our dear esteemed readers. First of all, let me thank you for finding time to read our articles. Feel appreciated. Stay Healthy Column is here for another informative episode. 

Acne causes the skin to have pores and there are simple ways in dealing with that as our writer says. Photo/FILE

Our topic today will help us know how to deal with acne. To start with, acne is a skin condition that's affecting a large number of people. There are so many suggestions on how to go about managing acne. The main cause of this problem comes in when the skin pores clog with oil and dead cells. Below are some of the simple home remedies that we can try so as to reduce the spread of acne.

Use of honey and cinnamon. These two make a great face mask. Mix them up well, to produce a paste. Cleanse your face, then apply the paste. Let it sit in for between 10-15minutes. Thereafter, wash your face and let it dry. You could try out with some small portion and see how your skin reacts to it.

Use of aloe vera. It has had so many useful functions especially mostly on our skin. It's used to treat inflammation, burns, wounds and rashes. It is very simple to use aloe vera. Extract the gel and apply it directly to your skin. Give it 5-10minutes then wash it off. The number of usage times in a day will depend on the results.

Reduce stress. Stress is another cause of acne. I know that you are wondering how stress causes acne. You see, when we are stressed out, we tend to do even the undesired. You could be biting your nails or even touching your skin more often. Now, the frequency of doing this, could lead you to picking some small spots on your face which could lead to spread of bacteria thus causing acne. You could keep yourself busy by trying out new activities or even get a nap. Resist touching your face as much as you can.

Limit the use of makeup. Make up items contain chemicals that can be harsh to our skin. Some block the skin pores and as a result we develop acne. Just be careful with the kind of products that you use on your skin and how frequently you do so. 

The last and not the least is avoiding popping pimples. It's a habit that most of us can't seem to stop. Popping these pimples produces blood which in return clogs the skin pores.

I really hope that you find this article as useful as you have always done. Stay Healthy. Always 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.


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