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NDINDA: Do's for this rainy season


The rainy season is already here with us and most of us are finding themselves trapped because of the rains. Ever found yourself in a position where you were on a work trip on and then the rain gets you caught up? However, we can overcome all this by making sure that we are prepared for such a situation. Below are some of the must-haves, most especially when the weather changes.

Carrying umbrellas during rainy season helps avoid being soaked by the cold water from above. Photo/COURTESY

Rain coats. They have become so much common and they've got a material that makes them easily portable. Pack one and carry it along when going out as there is so much uncertainty with the weather.

Rain coats are big in size thus making them so easy for you to wear on top of your clothes. This even adds up to warmth. 

Having a mosquito repellent. As we all know, during the rainy season, mosquitoes tend breed. Their increase in number could make us so much uncomfortable because of the biting. This could be while at work or while traveling. Remember to have a repellent just to avoid the discomfort. 

Have an alternative source of power. Most times, power outage tends to occur during the rainy season which in turn could make it so difficult to use different electronic devices most especially, our phones. To be on the safe side, have an alternative power source such a solar power for lighting and may be a power bank for charging your device. 

Have a convenient footwear. Our shoes tend to tear up during this season because of frequent wash as a result of mud. Rain boots may sound a little bit out of fashion but trust you me, you need them. You could put them on and don your choice of footwear, then once you get to work or your destination, you can now go ahead and change. This type of foot wear is very much favourable when strolling through mud and it does get affected by tear easily.

Carry an umbrella. Most of us ignore or rather forget to pack an umbrella just in case. Our men actually aren't so good at this. Umbrellas have come in a portable shape making it easier to be packed and also aiding in making sure that you do not forget it wherever you place it.

Finally, for our ladies, make sure you have a shower cap on your handbag. You don't want to undo your hair when it hasn't given you the service you highly hoped for or even get your wig out of order.

It's my hope that you find these tips useful. No matter the season, remember Trendy And Classy is our order of the day. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.


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