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How Kitui schools performed in KCSE 2021

A student who schooled in Yumbisye secondary school in Wikililye Kitui Central Sub County has scored an A minus grade in last year’s recently released KCSE.

Kitui School has posted an impressive performance in KCSE 2021. Photo/COURTESY

The school also managed to garner one B Constant and three B Minuses. In a signed report seen by MWINGI TIMES, six more students from Yumbisye secondary school will be admitted to the universities bringing the total number to 11.

Yumbisye Secondary School in Kitui Central had one A minus grade and several Bs. Photo/COURTESY

Tens of other students will be admitted to technical and vocational institutions too from Yumbisye Secondary.

The famous Kitui School had a mean score of 9.5 in KCSE 2021. This was an improvement from that of 9.15 in 2020 national exams. It was confirmed by the institution’s principal Mr Mutua B.M.

Another school that excelled in last year’s KCSE was St Charles Lwanga which will take 96.8 per cent of its KCSE 2021 candidates to the universities. Its mean score was 8.95, says chief principal Mr Malonza B.I.

A school result slip from St Charles Lwanga School in Kitui says many students qualified to be admitted to universities. Photo/COURTESY

St Angela’s Girls secondary school in Kitui county had a mean grade of 7.47 in KCSE 2021. 212 students sat for the national exams from the school.

A stamped and signed copy of St Angela's Girls Secondary School 212 students graduated from the institution with 164 of them qualifying to go to institutions of higher learning. Photo/COURTESY


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