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GTAP leader Isaac Kalua cautions politicians against "spreading hate"

 Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP) leader Dr. Isaac Kalua has cautioned politicians against using toxic language in political campaigns and to keep in mind that Kenya as a country would still exist beyond the August 9th elections.

Kitui-born environmentalist Isaac Kalua speaks during a fundraiser to build St Martins ACK Cathedral in Kitui town. Photo/BONIFACE MWANIKI

The Kitui-born environmentalist has urged Kenyans to embrace forgiveness as a way of serving God and humanity and to always forgive those who wrong them, instead of retaliating.

Mr. Kalua who was speaking during a fundraiser for the construction of St. Martins ACK Cathedral in Kitui town also called for leniency in the bodies tasked with regulating politicians and their utterances like NCIC, following the recent directive by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission criminalizing the use of certain words.

He urged Kenyan politicians to be self-cautious and retrain themselves by choosing wisely the words they use in political rallies, as beyond politics there is a country worth protecting.


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