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Thitani Girls give glowing tributes to long-serving Principal as retirement party is held

 THITANI Girls High School is holding a retirement party of its long serving Principal Mrs Christina Mwanzia.

Former Thitani Girls High School Chief Principal Mrs Christina Mwanzia. A retirement party was held in the school in her honor for uplifting the education standards of the schools she taught. The party was preceded by a holy mass. Photo/COURTESY

The retirement party is being held at the school grounds in Mwingi West Sub County.  It was preceded by a holy mass which kicked off from 10am.

Former students took to the school’s official Facebook page to pen glowing tributes of what they remember Mwalimu for.

Juliana Matiti said, “age gracefully mum. You have done a great job. Congrats.”. her sentiments were echoed by Kate Mwikali who concurred Mwanzia is a great leader and wished her happy retirement.

Eunice Mwendwa who schooled in Kimangao Girls secondary school in Mwingi North said Mrs Mwanzia was her mentor and a humble leader when she was the principal.

“During my stay at Kimangao Girls you were just the best. You inspired us to become the best. We thank God for you”, said Ms Mwendwa.

Mrs Kasovo served as a principal at Kimangao Girls for a long time where she was credited as a no-nonsense displinarian.

Stella Mwesh Ndoo said: My principal, super woman. She put so much confidence in me. She isa good friend of my family. Wonderful mother. Happy retirement mum.

There should be a wall of best principals. Her picture should be at the top”. 

Even though both Kimangao and Thitani Girls secondary schools are ran by government, they are Catholic faith sponsored and Catholic teachings are imparted to all the learners.

Both schools have over the years posted impressive results in KCSE.

Mrs Mwanzia retired in December last year.


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