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The Changing Face of Tseikuru

 THE changing face of Tseikuru town from a dusty commercial centre to a modern sub county headquarters is slowly unfolding.


Ongoing road works at Tseikuru town, Kitui County. Photo/MUSYOKA NGUI

This is just under three months to August 2022 general elections.

Mwingi Times travelled to the northern town to witness first-hand the ground levelling by Governor Charity Ngilu’s county trucks and see what beckons residents.

The exact spot where Deputy President William Ruto stood last month is now busy with moving construction workers dropping loads of cement or watering the thirsty arid soils of Tseikuru which have not healed from failed rains of October-December season.

A resident told our reporter that the government construction works have yielded employment opportunities for those with land to fetch murram soil used to build the road.

The county, not to be left behind in taking opportunities, has cut cost by sending its drivers to fetch water to Kalambani drift where water naturally is harvested by herders who use it to water their livestock.

One wheelbarrow of murram costs KSh1,000, our source says. He tells us a contractor recently sold over 50 wheelbarrows to the county for upgrading of the Tseikuru Central Business District.

But the works have also brought inconveniences of transport especially for Bodaboda riders. One fell on the newly ground road as he was riding yesterday. He had ignored traffic sign posts erected on the upper part of the road.


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