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RONNEY: Hon Musya has a clean track record

 The Cat is Finally out of the Bag. After years of denials, prevarication and equivocation, Hon Musya has barred fangs at Hon Kanandu. It's high noon either Do or Die. 

Mumoni MCA Aspirant Muimi Musya. Photo/RONNEY MWANDIKWA

In the past Hon Musya played a coy. Speaking during a burial at Kaliwa Village in Mutanda Location, Hon Musya assured Hon Kanandu that it's not going to be business as usual. It's going to be Murky, Nasty and Crazy, he said.

I would sleep so well if Mr Musya wins the election. I wanted to say "sleep like a Granny, but I remembered that Grannies don't sleep so well nowadays. Well, let me serve it right. The Tyaa Kamuthale young man is surging while his opponents are stuck in a state of lethargy and catatonic schizophrenia. 


More than 400 years ago, William Shakespeare wrote in the Tempest Act II, Scene 1 that what's past is Prologue. In the scene, Antonio uses the phrase to suggest that what has passed before History of the past is the reason he and Sebastian are about to kill or make whatever choice they do. In other words, our past decides or determines our future. If you want to know what I'm likely to do in future, you'd better be advised to comb through my past.

Hon Musya has a clean track record ranging from academic life to the business world. Tyaa Kamuthale has produced leaders in the past. You can juxtapose this script to August 9th for Revisiting! 


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