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NDINDA: How to preserve your jewellery from rusting and tarnishing


It's a feel-good Friday, and yes, the vibe is all over and we are all excited. We always can't wait for the weekend just to go out and feel good after all the stressful working week. I am sure that we all have a piece or two of jewellery that we value the most because of one reason or the other.

A Kenya map pendant necklace.  Jewelleries are supposed to be stored in a cool, clean and dry place. Photo/COURTESY

May be someone gifted you something nice and pricey but you don't know how to keep it so new, clean and sparkling all the time. Today, we look at how we can preserve our pieces from rusting and tarnishing.

The very first step to consider is making sure that you have a jewellery storage box. Avoid mixing jewellery of different material all together. Also ensure that the box has separated spaces just so to make sure that every piece has its own space. Most importantly, ensure the box has a soft lining inside. This will prevent your pieces from reacting.

Secondly, check out on the storage environment. Jewelleries are made from metals which mostly tend to react once exposed to too much light or moisture. Avoid high temperatures and also high humid areas. Instead, consider cool, clean and dry places.

Additionally, avoid wearing jewellery when swimming, mixing chemicals, cooking or even while in the gym. Use them for special and specific type of events.


Cleaning your jewellery before storage is very important. These pieces come into contact with sweat while we are wearing them, and this can make them change their colour thus making them look too old and unattractive. While cleaning them, use warm water, liquid soap and a soft brush in a bowl. After wash, dry them thoroughly before storage.

Lastly, ensure that jewelleries are the last things you wear. This is because they could react with your perfume, make up, body lotion in use. Touch up everything then let your piece be the last thing to wear.

Dear reader, I hope that you find this article worth reading and useful. Ensure that your pieces look as new as how they did when you were purchasing them. Step out looking all Trendy and Classy. 

The writer, FAITH NDINDA is a budding Journalist with passion on Health and Lifestyle matters.

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